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This invention provides an exceptionally expandable sheet elastic complex which consists of an elastic body sheet and a sheet backing material which is mounted on either one or both sides of it, these two members being bonded together along multiple, oblong, mutually parallel bonding sections, and i ...

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A nonwoven fabrics comprising an upper layer having a substantially smooth surface and a lower layer having a density lower than that of the upper layer is provided; wherein the upper layer contains, as a principal element thereof, hydrophobic fibers, denier thereof being finer than in the lower lay ...

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A disposable diaper provided with elastic members respectively comprising a plurality of rubber strings in respective side flaps of the diaper so that these elastic members provide a plurality of longitudinally extending elastic lines in said side flaps to provide a good fit of said side flaps aroun ...

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An absorbent incontinence pad is provided with a liquid impervious air permeable back sheet and an absorbent unit partly covered by the back sheet, wherein the absorbent unit has a non-woven fabric substrate, an absorbent zone formed by a plurality of highly absorbent layers extending in the form of ...

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A stretch-activated elastic composite includes a non-woven fabric having a potential elongatability of higher than 100% in a predetermined direction, and an elastically recoverable, elastic sheet. The elastic sheet in its unstretched state is partially bonded to the non-woven fabric in its unelongat ...

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An absorbent article having a main body which includes a backsheet formed of a liquid impermeable sheet, a topsheet formed of a liquid permeable sheet, an absorbent core interposed between the backsheet and the topsheet, and leg gathers disposed along leg holes. Two sets of elastic members are, in a ...

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An apparatus for producing apertured non-woven fabric which includes a cylindrical support having both a plurality of specially formed projections and a plurality of drainage holes in and around said projections.

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An absorbent product, for use in absorbent articles, comprising an absorbent layer and a wicking layer of densified hydrophilic material. The absorbent layer comprises resilient hydrophilic fibers and superabsorbent material. The absorbent layer includes at least one area comprising a bulky fibrous ...

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An absorbent article is disclosed comprising a liquid impermeable outer cover having a front section and a rear section, and an elongated absorbent element having a front end, a rear end and opposite side edges and including an absorbent material. The elongated absorbent element is supported at its ...

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Here is disclosed a waist band for diaper to connect the front and rear waists at each side. In contrast with the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of prior art which necessarily forms an overlapping portion of said front and rear waists at each side of the diaper when the latter is put on the user, ...