Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois, Markus Brandhorst, Mickaël Capron, Christophe Dujardin: Process for preparing partial oxidation products of lower alcohols by direct oxidation of a lower alcohol and catalysts for use in that process. Arkema France, Collard & Roe P C, July 20, 2010: US07759525 (4 worldwide citation)

The use of a complex oxide having the following composition (I). Mo12VaX1bX2cX3dX4eOx (I) wherein Mo is molybdenum; V is vanadium; O is oxygen; X1 is at least one element selected from tungsten, titanium, tantalum and niobium; X2 is at least one element selected from copper, antimony, tellurium and ...

Elzbieta Skrzynska, Franck Dumeignil, Mickaël Capron, Louise Duhamel: Method for synthesising glycolic acid. PIVERT, CENTRE NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE, UNIVERSITÉ DES SCIENCES ET TECHNOLOGIES DE LILLE 1, Winstead PC, January 24, 2017: US09550715

The invention relates to a method for synthesizing glycolic acid or one of the salts thereof, including the following step: placing glycerol and an oxidizing agent in contact with one another in a reaction medium in the presence of a silver-based catalyst on a substrate, said substrate including a m ...

Jean Luc Dubois, Mickaël Capron, Franck Dumeignil: Method for directly synthesizing unsaturated aldehydes from alcohol mixtures. Arkema France, Brinks Gilson & Lione, June 14, 2016: US09365478

The present invention concerns a method for directly synthesizing acrolein or methacrolein from a mixture of methanol and ethanol or propanol. The method of the invention comprises two successive phases: oxidation in the presence of a selective oxidation catalyst of the light alcohols of the feedsto ...