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A catalyst composition and structure containing the same and methods for treating diesel exhaust including a catalyst comprising a precious metal on a support, a first zeolite component in the presence of a precious metal and a second zeolite component comprising a zeolite and a precious metal, and ...

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The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one zeolite consisting essentially of the zeolites selected from the group of neutral and basic zeolites and at least one platinum group metal component. This composition has been found to be useful in a method of treating gas stream ...

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A new method, system, and apparatus are described for the adsorption and concentration of adsorbable pollutants. The invention allows for simultaneous pollutant adsorption and pollutant concentration. The invention is particularly useful in treating the exhaust of internal combustion engines contain ...


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The present invention relates to a layered catalyst composite of the type generally referred to as a three-way conversion catalyst having the capability of simultaneously catalyzing the oxidation of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and the reduction of nitrogen oxides. The structure of the layered c ...

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Provided is a catalyst composition, in particular a diesel oxidation catalyst, for the treatment of exhaust gas emissions, such as the oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO). More particularly, the present invention is directed to a catalyst structure comprising at least t ...

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Oxidation catalyst compositions for treating diesel exhaust include ceria and, optionally, alumina, each having a surface area of at least about 10 m

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A sulfur-resistant CO, hydrocarbon and SO.sub.x oxidation catalyst is provided comprising silica particles which have been coated with titania or zirconia or precursors thereof and which have deposited thereon a precious metal such as platinum. The coated silica catalyst can be included in a washcoa ...

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A catalyzed hydrocarbon trap material washcoat (20) used in a trap (10), which may be placed downstream of a conventional catalyst member (28), is useful for treating internal combustion engine (22) exhaust. Trap (10) traps hydrocarbons during cold operation periods and releases them for oxidation d ...

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A layered, three-way conversion catalyst having the capability of simultaneously catalyzing the oxidation of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and the reduction of nitrogen oxides is disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the catalyst comprises three layers in conjunction with a carrier: a first laye ...