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The nozzle comprises an oxidizing outer heating ring and a carburizing inner heating ring surrounding the cutting jet. This nozzle is made in two parts respectively forming a unit (1) opf injectors and a cutting unit (2) in adjoining relation to each other in a transverse joint plane and in which ar ...

Michel Arnout, Jean Yves Thonnelier: Process and device for cutting by liquid jet. Lair Liquide, November 24, 1992: US05165602 (10 worldwide citation)

The process consists in providing at the outlet of a cutting nozzle, a central jet of cutting liquid and, simultaneously, a concentric jet of gas around the central jet of liquid, the jet of gas having a higher speed than that of the liquid jet. Typically, the liquid and the gas have the same compos ...

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An oxygen cutting device comprising two cutting oxygen jets conducted through passageways with a passageway therebetween for a carburizing flame ensuring a reheating at depth of the rough-cut kerf which is effected by the first cutting oxygen jet and is finished by the second cutting oxygen jet.

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A high frequency-high voltage generator supplies current, on one hand, to a first arc striking circuit connecting a main electrode to an auxiliary electrode and, on the other hand, to a second arc striking circuit which connects one of the two electrodes to the workpiece to be treated. In this way t ...

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The present invention concerns a cutting head made of a cutting nozzle (2) with cutting oxygen duct (6) having radial ribs (11), the assembly being force fitted in a sheath (3) thus forming ducts of oxycombustible mixture (32). This nozzle which produces an improved heat dissipation can be made of r ...

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The valve with progressive opening comprises a shutter element (23) located in an internal space (14) of a tubular valve body (13) including, at one end, a conical seat (20) extended peripherally by a fluid-passage structure (21) including at least one fluid passage (22), the shutter element (23) in ...

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A projection device for depositing by projection a fused coating material onto a substrate. The projection device includes a projection nozzle having a central part defining a central passage for the coating material to be fused and projected. The central passage opening at a distal end thereof into ...

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The invention concerns a cutting torch for iron and steel metallurgy which is provided with two oxygen cutting ducts, ending in two housings, for receiving two cutting inserts, or a heating nozzle and a cutting insert. In this manner, there is obtained a torch which may very rapidly be converted int ...

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The nozzle comprises a central core (18) defining the passage (19) for the plastic powder and the carrier gas, an intermediate tubular part (21) mounted on the central core and comprising passages (41, 42) for leading an oxygen-combustible mixture to orifices (46) for ejecting this oxygen-combustibl ...

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The nut (6) by which the tap is fitted in a housing (3) of a body (1) defining a passage for fluid (2, 4) and into which a needle valve stem (12) is screwed, actuated by an operating handwheel (20), is formed, at its upper end, with a transverse slit (slot) (22) defining a centrally-tapped end disc ...