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Biologically active substance with standardizable hormonal activity, containing in a physiological medium at least one histone, particularly at least one histone H2 or an active area of said histone with immune system immunostimulating and/or endocrinological properties. Utilization of histones and/ ...

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The invention relates to the use of pure histones H1, H2A, H2B, H2A:H2B, H3 as hormonal or hormon-like active substance for the preparation of pharmaceuticals for the immuno-therapy, for the therapy of endocrine disturbance and for cancer therapy. Instead of the histones also their evolutionary vari ...

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According to this invention the combination of active substances for use in therapeutic procedures consists of at least one cytostatic compound, e.g. vincristine, methotrexate, cisplatin as the first agent and at least one histone and/or one active histone fragment with cytostatic or cytotoxic activ ...

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The invention includes antibiotic pharmaceutical compositions comprising eukaryotic histone H1 protein and methods of using eukaryotic histone H1 protein to kill or to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, including, but not limited to, human pathogenic bacteria. The invention further includes a euk ...

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A therapeutic method for treatment of carcinoma or autoimmune diseases of a patient, which includes administering to said patient a biologically active composition which comprises a therapeutically acceptable carrier and, in a quantity having a therapeutic effect, two active substances comprising a ...

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A therapeutic or prophylactic agent for cancer is disclosed which damages the membrane and kills cancer cells, in particular of the blood-forming system, having membrane protein aggregates which contain several core histones or largely core-like histones and/or their parts. The therapeutic or prophy ...

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The present invention provides a nucleic acid molecule which encodes a polypeptide consisting of two methionine residues as the first and second N-terminal amino acid residues linked via a peptide bond to a mature eukaryotic histone. The present invention furthermore relates to a vector containing s ...

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Peptides are proposed with antigenic or immunogenic determinants, which result from autoantibodies in the body fluids of patients, who are suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In the case of the peptides it is preferably a question of the C terminus of H1 with the sequence section 187- ...

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The invention relates to the use of at least one human recombinant histone, especially at least one histone H1 subtype, and/or a therapeutic histone fraction as a basis for the treatment of thrombocytopenia.

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An active biological substance is disclosed for use in abnormal cellular and viral membrane physiologies in human and mammal organisms. The active substance has diagnostic and/or therapeutic properties and contains or consists of at least one component selected from the group of substances including ...