Michael S Levy: Osteotomy cutting guide. Howmedica, Peter C Richardson, Lawrence C Akers, Elizabeth O Slade, July 30, 1996: US05540695 (203 worldwide citation)

An osteotomy cutting guide is disclosed. The cutting guide utilities an angle cutting block which is removably and adjustably attached to a stabilizing base. Also utilized is a distal hole drill block which is removably and adjustably attached to the stabilizing base. The stabilizing base has at lea ...

Michael S Levy: Humeral nail having a bracket. Lauletta Birnbaum, March 6, 2018: US09907586

A humeral nail device for fixing proximal humerus fractures and rotator cuff tears. The humeral nail device includes a flexible proximal humerus nail adapted to be inserted into a humerus and a fixation bracket attached to the nail adapted to repair soft tissue injuries.

Michael S Levy: Convertible laptop PC bag to workstation with legs. Lerner And Greenberg Pa, November 18, 2004: US20040226791-A1

A laptop pc bag provides not only a standard laptop carrying case for carrying and protecting a laptop PC but also a desk. The height of the bag can be adjusted by extending the legs as far as desired, from approximately six inches to thirty-six inches, thereby providing the right height of the desk ...

Michael S Levy, Stafford John W, Richard Fred V: Optical electronic integrated package. Motorola, September 19, 1997: JP1997-244553

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an integrated package having light emitting element (LED) display chips on which light emitting elements (LEDs) cooperatively forming complete images are formed. SOLUTION: The LEDs 12 are arranged in a matrix and are connected to the connecting/mounting pads 22 adjac ...

Michael S Levy, Richard Fred V, Stafford John W: Photoelectric integrated package having carrier ring and its production. Motorola, September 19, 1997: JP1997-244552

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form the arrays of light emitting elements (LEDs) for cooperatively forming complete images on an optical transparent substrate and forming LED display chips by the same. SOLUTION: The LEDs 12 are arranged in a matrix and the adjacent positions at the outer edges of the subs ...

Michael S Levy, Ronald J Nelson: Photoelectronic integrated package having independent menu bar. Motorola, September 19, 1997: JP1997-244551

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To facilitate incorporating of a menu or an object in a displayed perfect image at the time of being observed as a virtual image by incorporating many visual displays in mounting of a photoelectronic package. SOLUTION: A transparent central part 27 of a main surface 29 is forme ...

Jamal Ramdani, Michael S Levy, Uenbin Jan: Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser of visible wavelength. Motorola, July 31, 1998: JP1998-200202

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a highly reliable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser of visible wavelength. SOLUTION: A VCSEL(vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) 10 which radiates visible wavelength light comprises a CaInP substrate element 12, and the first mirror stack 14 provided with a ...

Michael S Levy, Richard Fred V, Jachimowicz Karen E: Laminatable optical element. Motorola, October 3, 1997: JP1997-258672

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a laminatable optical system to define optical elements by including at least the two optical elements and having the special optical characteristics formed respectively in or on these elements or the combination of the optical characteristics. SOLUTION: The optical e ...

Jachimoicz Karen E, Michael S Levy: Lens/diffuser switching device. Motorola, October 31, 1997: JP1997-281308

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lens/diffuser switching device which is capable of making electrical switching between an optical element state and a diffuser state. SOLUTION: This lens/diffuser switching device includes the optical elements constituted to form optical images cooperatively with t ...