Carl P Graf, Kim M Fairchild, Karl M Fant, George W Rusler, Michael O Schroeder: Computer generated synthesized imagery. Honeywell, Charles G Mersereau, Wayne B Easton, February 24, 1987: US04645459 (153 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to a computer controlled imaging system involving a digital image processing and display system which has the ability to compose and construct a display scene from a library of images with sufficient processing speed to permit real-time or near real time analysis of the images ...

Devesh Bhatt, Michael O Schroeder: Monitor circuit. Honeywell, William T Udseth, January 13, 1987: US04636967 (16 worldwide citation)

A circuit for monitoring digital electrical signals which counts events, compares the event count to a threshold value, generates an equal value signal when the threshold is attained and indicates the time elapsed between an initial value and the generation of the equal value signal. The event count ...

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