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A geographical position/image capturing system stores object images and position coordinates as digital data. The system incorporates a geo-addressed map data base and geo-positioning device for relating the position of the system at the time the image is captured to the captured digital image data ...

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Device for monitoring and/or modifying vehicle operator behavior. The device is suited for reducing vehicle operator aggressive driving behavior which leads to increased anger and so-called “road rage”, and includes a sensor mountable in a vehicle that detects a vehicle driving condition exceeding a ...

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A lateral conduction Schottky diode includes multiple mesa regions upon which Schottky contacts are formed and which are at least separated by ohmic contacts to reduce the current path length and reduce current crowding in the Schottky contact, thereby reducing the forward resistance of a device. Th ...

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A turbine type power generator includes a rotor having a vertical shaft to drive a load which may be an electric generator or mechanical gear train or other device for using or transmitting power. Generally vertically extending blades are secured at their ends to the rotor shaft and are set at an an ...

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A storage unit comprises a housing defining a storage chamber and a plurality of specimen carriers in the form of annular shelves disposed one below the other inside the chamber. A rotary drive is operatively connected to the carriers for rotating the carriers independently about a vertical axis. Th ...

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A system is disclosed that provides a goal based learning system utilizing a rule based expert training system to provide a cognitive educational experience. The system provides the user with a simulated environment that presents a business opportunity to understand and solve optimally. Mistakes are ...

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A pressure reducing cushion with selective pressure point relief features at least two air bladders, and a foam outer layer covering the air bladders. Each air bladder consists of an impervious to air sheet material which surrounds an open celled compressible foam material. Attached to the air bladd ...

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A new and novel device for calculating the intrinsic, fair and proper value of real and financial assets according to predetermined mathematical relationships or formulas embodied in the device. The device may take the form of a linear sliding calculator, a slide chart, a rotary disc calculator, or ...

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A method and apparatus for detecting a power outage within an energy meter and alerting a remote central computer about the outage using call-in reporting via modem (

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A carpet underlay comprising a fibrous nonwoven substrate composed of natural or synthetic fibers having in or on it a repellent finish which makes said substrate substantially imprevious to liquids, and a carpet having an underlay substantially impervious to liquids affixed to the carpet back rende ...