aaron alls
Bruce W Farber, Michael M Wiggins, Aaron Alls, Joseph Beck, Leming Yue: Boat lifting and stacking vehicle. Wiggins Lift Co, Kelly Lowry & Kelley, April 24, 2008: US20080095578-A1

A boat lifting and stacking vehicle having a low profile frame, a carriage connected to a frame via a transverse I-beam track, a mast having a pair of forks protruding therefrom, and a hydraulic suspension system. The vehicle further includes an operating console that moves transversely and vertical ...

Michael M Wiggins, Bruce W Farber, Liming Yue: Multi-function joystick for forklift control. Kelly Lowry & Kelley, August 13, 2009: US20090200116-A1

A multi-function joystick system controls forklift mast, tilt and fork functions. The system includes a single joystick pivotable about two axes and having first, second and third buttons and a trigger. Combinations of pivoting the joystick alone or in combination with pressing buttons and triggers ...