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A low overhead way for insuring that only routines of sufficient privilege can execute on a secured page of memory in an hierarchial computer system, and for raising the privilege level of a low privilege process in an orderly and secure way is presented. This is done through the execution of a sing ...

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A virtual memory system is used to control access to I/O device address space in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention. In a virtual memory system, access to pages within a processor's address space are assigned to each application program. Each I/O device is assigned two p ...

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An instruction is presented to the cache; the instruction includes a cache control specifier which identifies a type of data being requested. Based on the cache control specifier, one of a plurality of replacement schemes is selected for swapping a data block out of the cache.

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A computer and an instruction set are presented which allow for a number of assists to be easily incorporated into the computer, and which allow for an instruction set extension. The computer is designed to support instructions which move data between an assist and a location, although an assist's o ...

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Circuitry combines a first operand A.sub.0, a second operand A.sub.1, and a third operand X in a blend function to produce a result Z. The result Z has a value equal to X*A.sub.0 +(1-X)* A.sub.1. The circuitry includes a plurality of logic gates organized in rows. When performing the blend operation ...

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This disclosure relates to a controlled selective power disconnect means for employment with the various circuits implemented on a crystalline wafer so that a particular circuit can be selectively disconnected when it has developed a defect or short or is unwanted in the system for other reasons. Th ...

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This disclosure relates to a wafer scale power interconnect system by which defective circuits on the wafer can be automatically disconnected from the power and ground lines supplied to each of the circuits. The disconnect device employs a gate between the power source and the circuit, which gate is ...

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A method for operating a digital computer in response to the occurrence of an exception is disclosed. The method provides for the examination both of the contents of a predetermined computer location and of the instruction code for the instruction causing the exception. The computer then utilizes th ...

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In a computing system a method for performing a multiplication of a first multiplicand and a second multiplicand is presented. The computing system includes a plurality of registers, an instruction decoder, an arithmetic logic unit, and a preshifter. The first multiplicand is divided into a pluralit ...

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A digital image capture device including circuits capable of measuring the distance between the image capture device and an imaged object allows the capture of three-dimensional data of the surface of the object facing the image capture device. The distance data is obtained by the addition of a flas ...