Richard F Stoisits, Miroslav M Kolpak, Gordon J Krist, Tuan D Ma, Richard L Payne, Jeffry A Rugen, Anthony C Schwarz, Michael C Vincent, Gary K Youngren: Simultaneous water and gas injection into earth formations. Atlantic Richfield Company, Michael F Martin, June 6, 1995: US05421408 (11 worldwide citation)

Natural gas is reinjected into an earth formation for storage and/or stimulating the recovery of hydrocarbon liquids by mixing the gas with water at a pressure sufficient to maintain bubble flow of gas dispersed in a water flowstream in a range of volumetric gas fraction up to about twenty percent o ...

Michael C Vincent: Coating and/or treating hydraulic fracturing proppants to improve wettability, proppant lubrication, and/or to reduce damage by fracturing fluids and reservoir fluids. CARBO Ceramics, Haynes And Boone, November 3, 2005: US20050244641-A1

Surface modified oil and gas well hydraulic fracturing proppants for improving wettability, altering chemical reactivity, altering surface topography, imparting lubricity or controlling relative permeability to flow of fluids of such proppants. The use and preparation of such coated proppants in hyd ...

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