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In a method of video image motion compensation a plurality of motion vectors are derived by techniques such as phase correlation between pairs of images. In order to produce a set of motion vectors which can be used to define substantially all the motions in an input image, sets of vectors are deriv ...



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A rotary cone drill bit (20 and 120)is provided with inserts (70 and 90) and compacts (50 and 150) having contoured cutting portions (66, 166, 72 and 92). The rotary cone drill bit (22 and 122) includes a bit body (26 and 126) having at least one downwardly extending arm (28) terminating in a spindl ...

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A marker and probe for use in magnetic resonance imaging includes a vial for insertion within the body. The vial contains a material having a spin-lattice relaxation time less than that of the material of the body in a region being imaged. A coil arrangement having at least one coil tuned to the fre ...

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In known NMR imaging apparatuses it has been the practice to arrange the G.sub.R field gradient, which rotates in the plane of the examined slice, with a zero crossing substantially in the center of the slice and to demodulate at the Larmor frequency at the zero crossing. It is now proposed to demod ...

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In a medical NMR apparatus it is desirable that the axial magnetic field, Ho, is uniform. The result can in theory be obtained by accuracy of construction but in practice this cannot readily be achieved. It is now proposed to use a field sensing probe system which indicates the value of that field a ...

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The invention is related to the so-called "echo-planar" method of NMR imaging. In that method a resonance is first excited in a slice and then two orthogonal gradients provided dispersion in the slice. One gradient is pulsed to space the frequencies of spins in adjacent strips allowing the other gra ...

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A magnetic resonance apparatus includes a multi-mode receiver assembly which facilitates operation in both a quadrature combination mode and phased array mode. The multi-mode receiver assembly includes a receiver coil assembly (