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A method and apparatus for providing modular I/O expansion. Apparatus are provided on a host computing device and an expansion unit to support multiple port types, and multiplexing apparatus are provided to support simultaneous I/O sessions between multiple applications on the host computing device ...

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The present invention provides certain amide, carbamate and urea derivatives useful for potentiating glutamate receptor function in a mammal and therefore, useful for treating a wide variety of conditions, such as psychiatric and neurological disorders.

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The present invention describes a facility which may be used in conjunction with SmartCard technology. Application Protocol Data Units (APDUs) are used to communicate with SmartCards. The management of these units is the primary focus and advantage of this facility. Smartcard environments can requir ...

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A hand scanner support and paper guide apparatus is provided for mechanically scanning a thin sheet using two scanners originally designed to be hand-held. The apparatus includes a base assembly, a top assembly, and a hinge assembly connecting the base assembly and the top assembly together. The bas ...


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The present invention is related to “trace” and debugging capability in the operation of the Java programming utility. It represents a means to execute a program in such a way that the sequence of statements being executed can be observed. It is related to “debugger”, which is a program designed to ...

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The system, method and program of the invention enables a new DTD to be dynamically created during runtime from a preexisting DTD. A next document is processed and validated according to the new DTD. An interface is provided that enables plug-in providers to provide fragments of DTD information for ...

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A control device for controlling operating parameters and control functions for the operation of a laboratory centrifuge. The control device has a panel for displaying a visual representation of at least a part of the operating parameters and control functions such as speed of rotation, acceleration ...

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An electronic vault includes an array of smart products for use in processing associated transactions. Because smart product transactions usually require that a value of currency always be stored on a particular smart product, the vault provides a collection of smart products storing digital currenc ...

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Carbon monoxide is removed from flows of material by means of adsorption to a adsorption mass containing copper, zinc, and zirconium.