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A call rerouter routes a call through a data link when a called party is engaged in a data call. The call rerouter evokes a “T” connection in a switch that is in a connection path of the called party's call and determines whether the called party is engaged in a data call or a non-data call. If ...

Thomas Michael Bauer, Christopher P Gilboy: Network based determination of cost effective access. AT&T, February 15, 2000: US06026151 (68 worldwide citation)

A system and method to access an information or electronic service uses a single access telephone number. The telephone number is used to access a particular service provider no matter where the subscriber is located, and may be, for example, 950-DATA, 1-800-ATT-DATA, or 1-500-EASY-DATA. The system ...

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A submersible light fixture which includes a housing, and an LED light engine mounted to a heat-conducting plate, with the heat conducting plate being supported by the housing. The housing defines an opening adjacent to the heat-conducting plate, and the opening is designed to be in fluid communicat ...


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A method for billing a telephone call to a called party for a telephone call between a calling party and the called party, comprising the steps of receiving a predetermined access number; prompting for a destination number, determining if the destination number will accept the cost of the telephone ...

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A semiconductor device with a wiring substrate as a stacking element for a semiconductor device stack is described herein. The wiring substrate includes a plastic frame of a first plastic compound and a central region of a second plastic compound. A semiconductor chip is embedded with its back side ...

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A panel and a semiconductor component including a composite board with semiconductor chips and plastic package molding compound and a method for the production thereof is disclosed. In one embodiment, the panel includes a composite board with semiconductor chips arranged in rows and columns in a cor ...

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The present invention relates to electrode membranes which comprise an ion-exchange material forming a core zone, with electrodes bonded thereto on both sides, the ion exchange material being formed from homopolymers soluble in solvents, or copolymers or mixtures thereof. The polymers must have at l ...

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A joint, usable as a component of a golf club, including an outer sleeve having a proximal end, a distal end, an outer surface and an inner surface; an inner sleeve having a proximal end, an inner surface in circumscribing contact with the inner surface of the outer sleeve, a slit, and a projection ...

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A module (100) comprises a component (10) and a shielding element (11), which is mounted on a main surface (12) of the component (10) and has a welding contact (13).