Michael B Schomaker: Temporary sign. Donald A Jacobson, July 27, 1993: US05230176 (15 worldwide citation)

Temporary real estate signs are attached to a post and extending arm rather than suspended beneath the arm. The signs are attached to a supporting body having a U-shaped cross-section. The bodies are sized to fit around the arm and post respectively. Flexible members attached in one end to the body ...

Michael B Schomaker: Temporary sign. Nawrocki Rooney & Sivertson, March 28, 1995: US05400535 (13 worldwide citation)

An improvement for temporary signs used with a supporting post and an arm which extends both directions from the post. A first and second body, shaped to fit around three sides of post and the arm respectively, have inwardly inclined opposed sides to grip the enclosed post or arm. An extension along ...

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