Michael B Jewell, Mark W Johnson, Arthur F Upham: Removable modular housing for RF circuits. Hewlett Packard Company, Leslie G Murray, April 28, 1987: US04661888 (41 worldwide citation)

A removable modular housing for providing and maintaining electromagnetic shielding, produceability and servicability of circuits producing and sensitive to RF energy.

Michael B Jewell, Merle L Olmstead: Apparatus for mounting and illuminating liquid crystal displays. Hewlett Packard Company, Leslie G Murray, October 7, 1986: US04616295 (24 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for mounting and illuminating a very long liquid crystal display (LCD), having minimal front-to-back thickness and providing very bright, substantially uniform, reliable illumination, is described.

Michael B Jewell: High switching speed, coaxial switch for R.F. signals. Hewlett Packard Company, Leslie G Murray, September 26, 1989: US04870385 (3 worldwide citation)

A coaxial switch assembly includes a conventional reed switch (10) having a somewhat irregular enclosure (11) and protruding leads (20, 21). R.F. connectors (24, 25) are mounted at the ends of the leads, which are surrounded by predetermined lengths of dielectric tubular material (23). Electrically ...