Patrick J Ryan, Michael A Davis, Donald L Melchior: Liposomes containing modified cholesterol for organ targeting. Trustees University of Massachusetts, Paul J Cook, October 1, 1985: US04544545 (549 worldwide citation)

Phospholipid liposomes are provided having an outer layer including a cholesterol derivative such as a cholesterol ester and an aqueous medium confined by the layer which includes a tracer agent, a cytoxic agent or a therapeutic agent. The liposomes are adapted for specific organ targeting.

Patrick J Ryan, Michael A Davis, Donald L Melchior: Lipisomes containing gas for ultrasound detection. Trustees of the University of Massachusetts, Paul J Cook, February 13, 1990: US04900540 (250 worldwide citation)

Phospholipid liposomes are provided having a lipid bilayer surrounding a confined composition which includes a gas or a gas precursor. The liposomes can be administered to a patient and can be detected in vivo by ultrasound techniques which permit organ imaging.

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A treatment tool such as a catheter, MIS or other surgical tool apparatus for placement within a heart chamber, organ aperture or other body opening and axial ranging therein, the apparatus particularly adapted for laser-assisted percutaneous transmyocardial revascularization (MTR). At the distal en ...



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A tunable external cavity semiconductor laser incorporating a tunable Bragg grating, including: a semiconductor gain medium; an elongated tuner housing having a tuner housing head and having a tuner housing foot, the tuner housing head and tuner housing foot being rigidly connected; a span of wavegu ...

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A fiber optic Bragg grating pressure sensor particularly suited for measuring ambient pressure of a fluid includes a pressuring detecting device

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A reconfigurable optical blocking filter deletes a desired optical channel(s) from an optical WDM input signal, and includes a spatial light modulator having a micro-mirror device with a two-dimensional array of micro-mirrors that tilt between first and second positions in a “digital” fashion in res ...

Mark R Fernald, Timothy J Bailey, Matthew B Miller, James M Sullivan, James R Dunphy, Michael A Davis, Christopher J Wright, Alan D Kersey, Martin A Putnam, Robert N Brucato, Paul E Sanders: Optical differential pressure sensor. Weatherford Lamb, Moser Patterson & Sheridan L, November 23, 2004: US06820489 (36 worldwide citation)

A fiber grating pressure sensor includes an optical sensing element which includes an optical fiber having a Bragg grating impressed therein which is encased within and fused to at least a portion of a glass capillary tube and/or a large diameter waveguide grating having a core and a wide cladding. ...