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A pull-down mechanism for a vehicle body compartment panel includes a housing mounted on the vehicle body and supporting a bolt keeper that is driven in a sequenced manner between retracted and extended positions by a linkage connected to the output of a reduction gear drive train whose input is dri ...

Meyer Barthold F: Vehicle body door lock. General Motors Corporation, March 14, 1972: US3649061 (20 worldwide citation)

A vehicle body door lock includes a conventional push button outside door handle assembly and a conventional bolt and detent. The control system for the detent is located entirely within the handle and includes a rotatable drum having a cam surface engageable by the push rod to rotate the drum again ...

Meyer Barthold F: Seat belt retractor. General Motors Corporation, May 2, 1972: US3659800 (8 worldwide citation)

A seat belt retractor includes a U-shaped support having generally vertically disposed closed end slots in the side walls thereof. A reel having ratchet toothed end plates and a shaft mounts a seat belt. The ends of the shaft are received within the slots and torsion springs bias the shaft ends into ...

Meyer Barthold F: Closure latch. General Motors Corporation, September 19, 1972: US3692343 (6 worldwide citation)

A latch for a vehicle body closure, the latch including a latch bolt, a detent lever, means frictionally resisting movement of the detent lever and a transfer lever operable to overcome the friction and move the detent lever into and out of a detenting position against the latch bolt. A control pin ...

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A vehicle body restraint belt retractor whose belt reel locking preventing belt extension is actuated by swinging movement of a metallic pendulum. The pendulum is supported between parallel side walls of the retractor housing by a plastic support member in a depending vertical orientation horizontal ...

Meyer Barthold F: Closure latch. General Motors Corporation, February 16, 1971: US3563590

A vehicle body door lock detent lever is pivotally and slidably mounted on a stud carried by the lock frame. A combined compression and torsion spring normally biases the detent into detented engagement with the bolt and also holds serrations on the detent out of engagement with mating serrations on ...