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In a bar code reader, a field of view which includes a symbol to be read is imaged upon a light-responsive array such as a CCD imager device (12). The output of this array is transferred to a memory (20) array to provide a bit-mapped type of binary representation of the image including the symbol. T ...

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An integrated optical module for an optical scanner has a lens (24) spaced from a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) (28) by a spacer (62). The module, in an alternative embodiment, may include a wafer frame (12), a suspended mirror (14) mounted for oscillation on the frame, a wafer subs ...

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An apparatus and method for reading data in the form of indicia on a surface of a target, the indicia having a preferred reading direction, including a light source for illuminating a portion of the surface to be read with a laser beam in a scanning pattern at a predetermined scanning angle so as to ...


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In bar code symbol scanning systems employing laser, optical and sensor components, a mirrorless scanner arrangement mounts one or more of these components on a drive for repetitive reciprocating movement either about an axis or in a plane to effect scanning.

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A symbol scanning system which adaptively changes scanning system parameters including light beam pattern and focus to improve barcode readability. The scanning system including: a scanner, responsive to coordinate control signals, for directing a light beam in a pattern at a symbol at a predetermin ...

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A portable scanning head emits and receives light from a light-emitting diode (10) to read symbols, such as bar-code symbols. The optics (12,18) within the scanner are operative for focusing a light beam (11) and the view of a light sensor (17) in different planes (13,22) exteriorly of a scanner hou ...

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Systems for changing the working distance and/or the beam spot size of an outgoing laser beam scanned across symbols to be read by a bar code symbol reader are disclosed.

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Multiple scan line pattern generators including bidirectional scan patterns of mutually parallel scan lines, and scan patterns composed of intersecting lines, are superimposed over bar code symbols to be read. At least one of the scan lines is automatically moved closer to and further away from a re ...

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The depth of modulation of an analog electrical signal generated by a photodetector during scanning of a bar code symbol in the field of bar code scanning is enhanced under circumstances where the modulation of the analog signal has been degraded, for example, by an oversized sampling aperture in re ...