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Interleukin 2 (IL 2; T-cell growth factor), produced with and without costimulation by Burkitt's lymphoma line Daudi, is purified approximately 37,000-fold to apparent homogeneity from lymphocyte-conditioned medium by (NH4)2SO4- precipitation, ion-exchange chromatography, gel filtration and hydropho ...

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Monoclonal antibodies recognizing interleukin-2 (IL-2) of various species (human, rat, mouse) are disclosed. These antibodies are useful in purification of IL-2 from biological sample as well as in separating IL-2 into various sub-species. Immunoassay of IL-2 and identification of cells containing I ...

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Highly purified pluripotent hematopoieticcolony-stimulating factor (pluripotent CSF), a glycoprotein (MW19,600) constitutively produced by human tumor cells hasbeen highly purified from low serum-containingconditioned medium to apparent homogeneity. Pluripotent CSF supports the growth of human mixed ...





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(EN) The present invention relates to cells with a hybrid receptor comprising a receptor part localised on the outside of the cell and specific to a particular signal molecule and a receptor part originating from another receptor, localised on the inside of the cell and capable of setting off a sign ...

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(EN) A composition for treating wounds comprises fibroblasts which contain at least one foreign gene coding for a cytokine that promotes wound healing and at least another component that promotes wound healing.(DE) Die vorliegende Erfindung offenbart eine Zusammensetzung zur Behandlung von Wunden, d ...

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In a method for preparing clonogenic fibroblasts, tissue is taken from the donor and the cells isolated from the tissue, the cell suspension so obtained is sieved, the cells contained in the cell suspension are grown and the cells are transferred to a tissue culture; alternatively, the cells are iso ...