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Production and upgrading of viscous oils is effected by heating an underground formation for a period of time sufficient to heat said formation to a temperature of at least about 550.degree. F. and form a substantial heat bank therein. A viscous oil is then flowed into said heated formation and main ...

Meldau Robert F: Production of oil from a pumping well and a flowing well. Phillips Petroleum Company, May 25, 1971: US3580336 (10 worldwide citation)

Production of oil from a pumping well and a flowing well wherein gas which is produced in the pumping well is conveyed to and utilized to facilitate production of oil from the flowing well. Flow from the flowing well may be initiated by pumping a light oil into the annulus. The method may be utilize ...

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An improved in situ combustion production method wherein the combustion zone is established within the upper portion of the producing formation and fluids are produced from the formation in such a manner as to maintain the combustion gases within the formation.

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PROGRESSIVE DISPLACEMENT OF RESIDUAL WATER PASTSHUT-IN WELLS PREPARATORY TO TERTIARY OIL RECOVERY Abstract of the Disclosure In the oil-bearing formation wherein primary production has beenexhausted and secondary recovery by waterflooding is exhausted or aboutexhausted, the residual brine is removed ...