Khambatta Binaifer S, Meier Daniel A: A non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor for industrial cooling water systems and airwasher systems. Nalco Chemical Co, November 19, 1997: EP0807695-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The prevention of corrosion on the surfaces of metallic pipes, heat exchangers, and the like which are in contact with industrial airwasher and cooling waters, and particularly industrial waters containing low levels of hardness is controlled utilizing a corrosion inhibiting amount of a composition ...

Romberger John A, Meier Daniel A: Inhibiteurs de la corrosion contenant de faibles quantites de zinc, Low level zinc corrosion inhibitors. Nalco Chemical Company, SMART & BIGGAR, September 18, 1984: CA1174451 (2 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREAn improved method for preventing corrosion of metals in contactwith alkaline pH industrial cooling waters which contain as a corrosioninhibitor: (a) an organic phosphorous inhibitor in combination with (b) a water-soluble zinc compound,which comprises treating such waters ...

Romberger John A, Meier Daniel A: Methode pour ameliorer le rendement des agents anticorrosion dans les eaux dures, Method of improving inhibitor efficiency in hard waters. Nalco Chemical Company, SMART & BIGGAR, October 22, 1985: CA1195487

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A method of enhancing corrosion inhibition of inorganic corrosioninhibitors, particularly stabilized phosphate corrosion inhibitors, whenused in high hardness waters containing at least 800 ppm total hardnesswhich comprises adding to the high hardness waters a combined pro ...

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