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The surgical scissors or tongs have 2 relatively pivoted arms (2,3) supporting tools at their ends which are coupled to respective poles of an external voltage source, the pivoted arms and their tools electrically insulated from one another. The voltage source is coupled to a 2-wire cable (10), asso ...

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The instrument has two branches pivotably joined by a bearing shaft, each carrying a tool at least partly of conducting material. The tools are mutually insulated and connected via leads to electrical connections at the branch ends remote from the tools. One electrical lead is formed by one (3) of t ...

Schweitzer Tom, Mayenberger Rupert: (De) Chirurgisches dichtelement, chirurgische dichtung und chirurgisches abdichtungssystem, (En) Surgical sealing element, surgical seal, and surgical sealing system. Aesculap & Co Kg, Schweitzer Tom, Mayenberger Rupert, HOEGER STELLRECHT Uhlandstrasse 14c 70182 Stuttgart, October 4, 2007: WO/2007/110371 (5 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to a surgical sealing element, in particular for a trocar and/or for sealing the shafts of elongate surgical instruments during insertion into a human or animal body, wherein the sealing element defines a longitudinal axis, is provided with an opening of variable diameter ...

SCHWEITZER TOM, MAYENBERGER RUPERT: [fr] Dispositif de protection chirurgical pour un élément détanchéité chirurgical et système détanchéification chirurgical, [de] Chirurgische Schutzvorrichtung für ein chirurgisches Dichtelement und chirurgisches Abdichtungssystem, [en] Surgical protection device for a surgical sealing element in a surgical sealing system. AESCULAP WERKE, January 13, 2010: EP2143393-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

[en] The surgical protection device has expandable insertion opening and trocar. A retaining element is provided in a portion of outer surface of protective elements for bringing into contact with the sealing element. An independent claim is included for a surgical sealing element.

Scholten Thomas, Mayenberger Rupert: Surgical instrument actuated by gas pressure. Aesculap &Amp, Co Kg, November 28, 2007: EP1859749-A2 (4 worldwide citation)

The instrument has a retainer (7) for a pressurized gas cartridge (8) and a pressure-tight connector for connecting the cartridge with the instrument. The retainer is movable into a connecting position, in which the cartridge is pressed against a tube socket (17), such that the socket opens and taps ...

Mayenberger Rupert: Instrument for placing surgical clips. Aesculap & Co Kg, April 24, 2002: EP1198204-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The surgical clip application instrument has a clip magazine (11) in which the U-shaped surgical clips are loaded one after the other along a guide, with a reciprocating displacement plate (40) at its distal end moved through a distance corresponding to the clip spacing by a displacement device (52) ...

Mayenberger Rupert, Schweitzer Tom: Surgical instrument. Aesculap & Co Kg, January 29, 2003: EP1279371-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The surgical instrument (20) on a swing axis (16) at the end of a shaft, e.g. as an endoscope, is given a swing movement by a force transfer unit (53) through a control curve (37). The control curve has a shape which gives an increasing torque to the swing movement of the instrument, as the force tr ...

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The invention relates to a bipolar gripping device with two gripping jaws that can be moved towards each other. The gripping jaws are electrically insulated with regard to each other and can be linked with one pole each of an electrical high-frequency voltage source. Said gripping jaws are provided ...


MAYENBERGER RUPERT, SCHWEITZER TOM: Surgical sealing element, surgical seal and surgical sealing system, Chirugisches Dichtelement, chirurgische Dichtung sowie chirurgisches Abdichtungssystem, Elément détanchéité chirurgical, joint chirurgical et système détanchéification chirurgical. AESCULAP WERKE, May 16, 2012: EP2452639-A1

Um ein chirurgisches Dichtelement, insbesondere für einen Trokar und/oder zum Abdichten von Schäften langgestreckter chirurgischer Instrumente beim Einführen in einen menschlichen oder tierischen Körper, welches eine Längsachse definiert und eine im Durchmesser veränderliche und quer oder im Wesentl ...