Maya B Gokhale, Janice M Stone, John P Riganati: Method for determining an optimal partitioning of data among several memories. Sarnoff Corporation, William J Burke, June 29, 2004: US06757892 (72 worldwide citation)

A method and system for optimizing variable locations within disparate storage elements in a target processing environment according to a least cost analysis based upon the number of times a variable is accessed by one or more program loops forming a program.

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Fabric-based computing systems and methods are disclosed. A fabric-based computing system can include a polymorphous computing fabric that can be customized on a per application basis and a host processor in communication with said polymorphous computing fabric. The polymorphous computing fabric inc ...

Maya B Gokhale: Hybrid hardware/software packet filter. Milton D Wyrick, Los Alamos National Laboratory, April 17, 2003: US20030074458-A1

A hybrid software/hardware packet filter in which rule compiling means creates a rule table, assembles packet acceptance rules, and outputs the acceptance rules to a configurable hardware circuit to create hardware circuits representing the acceptance rules and applying the acceptance rules to the p ...