Mattioli Luciano: Device for distribution of playing-cards. SITAV Societa Incremento Turistico Alberghiero Valdostano, Ladas Parry Von Gehr Goldsmith & Deschamps, December 30, 1975: US3929339 (130 worldwide citation)

A device for distribution of playing-cards, the device comprising a cavity dapted to accommodate two packs of playing-cards arranged parallel to each other and in a side-by-side relationship, and pressure means adapted to press said two packs into contact with movable retainer means. The cavity is p ...

Mattioli Luciano: Devices for pivotally connecting members. DFAS arl Diffusion Fabrications Automobiles, December 7, 1971: US3625553 (10 worldwide citation)

A device for interconnecting a first member carrying a rearview mirror and a second member, for example, the wing of a vehicle, comprises a ball and socket connection and resilient means for urging the ball against a surface of the socket for resisting relative movement between the ball and the sock ...