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A data adapter (2) for a mobile telephone (1) of the type intended to have a subscriber identity module (SIM) inserted therein and capable of supporting a short message service (SMS). The adapter includes means for coupling to the telephone so that data can be transferred therebetween. The coupling ...


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The invention relates to a method for detecting a home area in a mobile station, and to a mobile station realizing the invention. According to the invention the home area is detected in the mobile station by comparing (

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In a cellular radio system (30) the terminals (35) are arranged to set up and maintain radio communication with the base stations (31, 32, 33, 34) in the cells (31a, 32a, 33a, 34a). Regarding the setting up and maintaining of radio communication at least one terminal (35) is arranged to favor at lea ...

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A mobile station, i.e., mobile phone included in a cellular telephone system processes paging messages using a dual-port RAM memory connected between a signal processor (DSP) and a microprocessor (MCU). The paging message received and coded by the signal processor is transferred to the RAM memory, t ...

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Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a video codec designed for encoding video data suitable for radio transmission between a network and a mobile station. The invention is particularly applicable where the transmission errors are unpredictable, and entails monitoring one or more pa ...

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A system and methods for slow medium access control entity (MAC-e) for autonomous transmission during High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), and for service specific transmission time control in HUSPA, wherein a control parameter that is independent from the air interface transmission time interva ...


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The invention relates to a terminal to be used in a system, which comprises a device management server and a data transfer network for transmitting information used in association with configuration between the terminal and the device management server. The terminal comprises means for detecting cha ...

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A method and arrangement for limiting the use of a mobile telephone is characterized in that it involves setting a time limit (TIMER.sub.-- VALUE) in said mobile telephone (20). The time limit can be set for accumulated operating time or elapsed time in general. Setting of the limit is advantageousl ...