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The invention is concerned with a device and a process for drying air in ventilation devices for fuel tanks and gas drying in fuel tanks via vapor permeable membranes and sorbents.

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A variable rate cardiac pacemaker is adapted to be implanted in a human patient for automatically adapting pacing rate to metabolic need of the patient when the patient is walking in an ascending path, a descending path, or on a level plane. An accelerometer senses the activity of the patient walkin ...

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A method for the selective removal of one or more layers from a power unit component, e.g., a turbine blade of a heavy-duty turbine, using high-energy radiation of such a wavelength that the supplied energy is so strongly absorbed by the layer to be removed in each case that the removal threshold of ...

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A plastics comb comprising a center wall and cell walls with normal height at both sides of the center wall is made-up of seveal parts. An injection-moulded center wall and injection moulded cell walls, which are produced separately are connected with each other. The diameter of the cell chamber at ...

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A pneumatic diaphragm control element for a fuel injection apparatus for internal combustion engines, in particular for supercharged diesel engines, has a thrust rod that is axially displaceable between two end stop counter to the force of a restoring spring, which thrust rod acts upon a control mem ...

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In one embodiment, a method of forming a semiconductor package comprises providing a first die having contact regions on a top surface but not on an opposite bottom surface. A dielectric liner layer is deposited under the bottom surface of the first die. The first die is attached with the deposited ...

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A valve system for activating a piston of a piston-cylinder arrangement for a hydraulic or fluid device includes a pilot control valve including 3/2-way valve and a main valve arrangement having a first and a second main valve. The first and second main valves include 2/2-way valves, wherein in a fi ...

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A device for producing optically homogeneous, streak-free quartz glass bodies having a large diameter including a furnace or melting device having an inner chamber with a pair of openings opposite one another. One or more movable burners are displaceable into one of the openings and the respective g ...

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Bees are maintained and bred within a bee compound unit comprising a plurality of compartments that surround and are connected to a central assembly chamber associated with a feeding chamber. Each of the compartments is adapted to house a swarm of bees and one queen bee. Accordingly, bees in an indi ...

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The invention relates to a machine tool for machining a work piece having a main spindle unit with a preferably vertical spindle axis, and a machining spindle unit, particularly a hobbing spindle unit that is arranged next to the spindle axis in a direction crosswise to the spindle axis to accommoda ...