Francesco Illy, Matthias Hell: Coffee machine. Francesco Illy, Creaholic, Randy W Lacasse, Wesley L Strickland, Lacasse & Associates, November 30, 1999: US05992298 (94 worldwide citation)

The coffee machine for different coffee types requires no preheating time and consumes no energy in the standby mode. It essentially comprises a water supply chamber (1), a pump (5), a continuous flow heater (8) for heating the water and a brewing chamber (10) for receiving the coffee (10'). The con ...


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A combination of a container and a plug-in closure unit, and a method of manufacturing the container of the combination. The container has a wall having an opening therein defining an edge. The closure unit can be inserted into the opening, and further comprises a closure part including an opening l ...


Elmar Mock, Matthias Hell: Wrist watch. Createc Patent Holding, Walter C Farley, June 23, 1998: US05771209 (2 worldwide citation)

The wrist watch according to the invention has a strap or bracelet (8) and a case, formed from three case parts (upper part or cover glass 5, middle part or dial, lower part or bottom 3) and in which is placed a clockwork with time indicating means, particularly hands, and has standardized connectin ...