Matthew J Holland, Timothy T McKenzie, John P Streich: Quick-acting tool bit holder. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, April 25, 2000: US06053675 (70 worldwide citation)

A "snap-in" bit chuck assembly for a rotary hand or powered tool, includes a body having a hex shank at its rearward end, a retraction collar slidably disposed on the body, and an outer retaining collar fixed to the forward end of the body. The body has a coaxial hex socket formed therein to allow a ...


Matthew J Holland, Gregory Scott Snider, James Pangerc: Ambidextrous drill holster. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, May 13, 2003: US06561402 (43 worldwide citation)

An ambidextrous drill holster is provided which enables the drill holster to be accessible for both a left handed or a right handed user. A reinforcement type material is also provided for strengthening the tool belt pass-through neck of the weight bearing pouch.



Matthew J Holland, Rickey J Thomas, Michael P Peters: Tool pouch with magnet in the pouch. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, January 13, 2004: US06675965 (24 worldwide citation)

A tool pouch having a pocket with an opening to receive certain items. The pocket includes a magnetic member near the top of the pocket for holding items received in the pocket. The magnetic member assists in arranging items in the pocket.

Matthew J Holland, Brian N Kagen: Article carrier. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, June 12, 2001: US06244485 (16 worldwide citation)

A belt mountable folding pouch-type article carrier or case for small articles such as tool bits and other tool accessories includes a closure panel and article-holding panels, with adjacent panels being separated by end spacer panels. The panels are preferably composed of an outer fabric covering t ...

William P Holland Sr, Timothy J Holland, Matthew J Holland, Michael L Holland: X-ray tube assembly with beam limiting device for reducing off-focus radiation. Parker Medical, Cummings & Lockwood, November 20, 2001: US06320936 (15 worldwide citation)

A beam limiting apparatus is provided for reducing the amount of off-focus radiation in the image-forming beam emitted from an x-ray tube assembly. The x-ray tube assembly has a housing with an x-ray port for the passage of x-rays therethrough, a mounting boss defining the x-ray port, an x-ray tube ...

Gregory Scott Snider, James Pangerc, Matthew J Holland: Handle for storage bag. Black & Decker, Harnes Dickey & Pierce, January 7, 2003: US06502882 (7 worldwide citation)

A handle and strap for use with a tool storage bag is disclosed. The handle is uniquely formed into the strap and is made for carrying heavy loads. The strap includes first and second ends each including a first and a second leg. The first leg is folded generally in half over itself and placed withi ...

Daniel G Findle, David F Vock, Matthew J Holland, Rajiv N Dharap: Thermoformed header package for tool belt accessories and related products. Black & Decker, Harness Dickey & Pierce, April 29, 2003: US06554131 (1 worldwide citation)

A thermoformed display device is provided for tool belts and accessories. The display device includes a main header which extends beyond the top of the product being packaged and folds over onto itself and snaps together to trap a printed insert display card within a display chamber. The header port ...