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In the production of cables covered with a cross-linked material by feeding a conductor and a cross-linkable material covering the conductor through a long land portion of an extruding die unit, the length and the operational temperature in the land portion being selected so that the cross-linking r ...

Fuwa Masaru, Takahashi Kiyoshi, Otsuji Masaaki, Matsui Masatake: Method for forming and vulcanizing vulcanizable materials. Mitsubishi Petrochemical, Dainichi Nippon Cables, Armstrong Nikaido & Wegner, December 23, 1975: US3928525 (17 worldwide citation)

An improvement is provided in the forming and vulcanizing of organic peroxide vulcanizable polymers in a long-land die by the use of a special class of forming coagents characterized byA. a viscosity of at least 0.5 centi-stokes and at most 3,000 centi-stokes at 235.degree.C.,b. an absorption ratio ...


Matsui Masatake, Momose Chiaki: Methode de collage reciproque darticles en polyolefine, Method of adhering articles of polyolefin. Dainichi Nippon Cables, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, November 5, 1985: CA1196262

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREA method of adhering two polyolefin articles to each other whereinat least one has a surface layer of cured polyolefin, characterized in thata curable polyolefin composition containing an organic peroxide is inter-posed between the surfaces of the articles to be adhered and ...