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A recording device, comprising a probe electrode, a recording medium having electric memory effect and a writing voltage applying means for applying voltage onto the recording medium from said probe electrode, and a reproducing device comprising a probe electrode, a recording medium exhibiting elect ...

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A compound of the following general formula : wherein X is carbonyl or sulfonyl; Y is bond or lower alkylene; R is halogen, lower alkyl, halo(lower)alkyl, aryloxy, nitro or amino which may have 1 or 2 and same or different substituent(s) selected from lower alkyl, acyl and lower alkanesulfonyl; R is ...

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A switching device is characterized by having a periodical layer structure of an organic insulator between a pair of electrodes and having memorizability with respect to switching characteristics. The layer structure is formed of an amphiphilic compound according to the LB method.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To directly acquire and output resources of a predetermined kind from a desired external device on a network in an image formation apparatus.SOLUTION: Date stored in the external device is browsed on the basis of a URL 706 which designates the desired external device on the net ...

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A Web server function is provided for an image processing apparatus including a scanner for reading an image on a document, a printer for printing an image, an E-mail transmission/reception function, a FAX transmission/reception function, and the like to make the image processing apparatus generate ...

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A recording-reproducing apparatus, comprising a material (1), in which an intramolecular electron distribution can be changed, by electromagnetic wave irradiation and electric field application, a probe electrode (2) brought close to the material, a means (15) for projecting an electromagnetic wave ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a faucet implement prevented from discharging water unless a user intentionally performs switch operation, using a radio tag dispensing with wiring connection.SOLUTION: This faucet implement having a water discharge port with a main stop type hose is constituted to d ...

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A solid phase junction method using a simpler process for accurately bonding solid phases without operating in an ultra-high vacuum. This method for bonding at least two solid members includes a step (A) of forming at least one of i) a monomolecular film; and ii) a monomolecular built-up film on at ...

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The present invention provides a liquid crystal material disposed between said pair of substrates, wherein at least one of said substrates is provided with a film comprising a polyimide compound having in its polyimide main-chain structural unit at least one alkyl side chain containing an alkyl chai ...