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An electrographic printer for printing an image on a continuous printing sheet having a leading edge and a tail edge, the printer including a photosensitive drum, a tractor for feeding the continuous printing sheet to the photosensitive drum, a guide member positioned at an image transfer position a ...

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A uniform image is obtained by matching the sliding friction force, the moving speed and the developing agent in a developing region of two developing rollers and an electric characteristic of a photosensitive body used for image development. Two developing rollers rotating in directions opposite to ...

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An electrophotographic printer of the transfer type with separate input bins for holding cut sheet print material and fan-fold form print material. Separate paper paths are provided from each bin to a first function. An input paper path is provided for moving either cut sheet or fan-fold forms from ...

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A suction purging unit for removing dusts solidified ink etc. from nozzles of a print head of an ink jet printer, the nozzles being arrayed in a moving direction of the print head. A contact portion is provided at one side of a body portion in which a fluid passage is formed. The contact portion is ...

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A cleaning apparatus for a copier includes a photoconductor-cleaning rotating fur brush disposed within a housing. In order to prevent toner buildup and resultant flaking within the housing, the brush and housing are relatively movable so that the brush can periodically clean the housing.

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An image forming apparatus includes: a first image forming unit having a first printing section for forming a first image on the paper; a second image forming unit having a second printing section for forming a second image on the paper; and a paper conveying unit for conveying the paper from the fi ...

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A fixing device has a web unit with a housing having two shaft members in parallel with each other, the housing defining a through hole on each of two lateral sides of the housing. The web unit also has a web member windably supported by the two shaft members, and a handle having two protrusion prot ...

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An image recording apparatus and a method of using the image recording apparatus. The image recording apparatus has a sheet sending path connecting a sheet supply section, an image forming section, and a sheet discharge section. A pull-in path branches from the sheet sending path, and a return path ...

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A yoke mechanism for a copier is provided with an engagement mechanism capable of holding the yoke at a position intermediate the retracted and transfer positions, at which position the yoke may be easily loaded with paper, and then moved to the transfer position, in one simple operation.

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A transfer guide is provided which includes a guide member for guiding paper to a transfer point and a paper holding member using an electrically conductive member attached to the guide member by means of a spring member and disposed in the vicinity of a surface of a photosensitive drum, such that t ...