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A fuel cell power plant comprising a fuel cell employing a molten carbonate as an electrolyte, a reformer for reforming fuel into a reactive gas to be supplied into the anode of the cell, an expansion turbine connected to a compressor, a combustor for burning a gas exhausted from the anode and intro ...

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A display screen processing apparatus includes a display portion having a display screen; a display information acquiring section for acquiring a display information object to be displayed on the display screen; a display information dividing section for dividing the display information object into ...

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An ammonia gas to be determined, and an oxidative gas containing nitrogen oxides in moles more than those of the ammonia are brought into contact with an analytical catalyst capable of forming nitrogen and water from ammonia and nitrogen oxides.

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The present invention relates to a method for sintering oxidized titanium powder and an active metallic component containing oxidized molybdenum as a binder for oxidized titanium granules. The active metallic component comprises one or more than one selected from a group consisting of V.sub.2 O.sub. ...