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A semiconductor device using a TFT including a multilayered gate electrode and an LDD region partially overlapping with the multilayered gate electrode via a gate insulating film is provided.

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A device and a method for inputting/outputting an image are disclosed. The device includes: an image display section which selectively transmits light; and an image input section having a photodetective portion for converting part of the light which has been transmitted through the image display sec ...

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A two-dimensional image reading unit includes a semiconductor layer made of a photoelectric material having a pin structure, a plurality of transparent electrodes aligned parallel to each other and provided on one face of the semiconductor layer, and a plurality of opaque electrodes aligned parallel ...

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A semiconductor optical amplifier is mounted on a substrate which is provided for a package. Fiber blocks in which plural parallel internal optical fibers are supported are fitted to the package. The optical fibers are optically coupled with the semiconductor optical amplifier via optical waveguides ...

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The present invention provides a photo-electric combined substrate comprising an electric interconnection part having an electric interconnection layer and an electric insulating layer as well as an optical waveguide part consisting of a core and a clad, where the electric insulating layer in the el ...

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The present invention has provided on a back channel side of the TFT a blocking layer that is formed by laminating a 50 nm to 100 nm thick silicon oxynitride film (A) and a 30 nm to 70 nm thick silicon oxynitride film (B). By forming a lamination structure of such silicon oxynitride films, not only ...


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The integrity of a solder jointing pad, which is used to mount an optical module, is enhanced by avoiding exposure to high temperatures used in the formation of an accompanying optical wave guide. The enhanced integrity of the solder jointing pad permits a mounting solder bump to be evenly distribut ...

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Disclosed is a method of forming bonding metal bumps on electrodes of a submount for use with an optical device array. Small bonding metal pieces are arranged on a transfer piece resting substrate so as to be aligned with the electrodes of the submount. Next, the bonding metal pieces thus arranged a ...

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A light-emitting diode print head having a narrow LED array chip wherein the constituent LEDs of the array are arranged in a zigzag formation and driven using a differential timing arrangement that compensates for the offset of alternate LEDs in the printing line. The LED array comprises a plurality ...