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A full wafer integrated circuit testing device (10) tests integrated circuits (15) formed as a wafer in conjunction with a test control unit (40). Probe units (14) associate with respective integrated circuits (15). Probe tips (16) on probe units (14) communicate with respective pads (19) with the i ...

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A compound of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 is aryl optionally substituted with a substituent selected from the group consisting of halogen and halo(lower)alkyl; lower alkyl or cyclo(lower)alkyl; and

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A high performance test head (18) communicates test signals between integrated circuit test pads and integrated circuit tester. Test head (18) comprises metal bumps (22) that electrically couple with test pads to communicate test signals between test pads and test circuitry. Planar foundation plate ...

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A measurement apparatus for measuring traffic of packets with high time resolution is provided. The measurement apparatus includes an accumulation part for accumulating packet lengths of packets having predetermined header information in successively received packets, and storing an accumulated valu ...

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An insulated-gate field-effect transistor device characterized by the channel region consisting of the intermediate heavily doped portion (50; 72) and two lightly doped portions (46, 48; 74,76) provided on both sides of the heavily doped portion. Such a field-effect transistor device is advantageous ...

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Oxaspiro�2,5! octanes of the formula ##STR1## inhibit angiogenesis and are particularly suitable for the treatment of solid tumors. In preferred embodiments, R.sup.1 is a carbamoyl derivative, R.sup.2 is an alkoxy substituent and R.sup.3 is ##STR2## Pharmaceutical salts of these compounds, such as m ...

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Semiconductor memory device including a dynamic memory array having a plurality of dynamic memory cells arranged in a matrix of rows and columns, write line and read line buffer memories disposed at the input and output of the dynamic memory array, and internal control circuitry including an interna ...

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Diseases caused by platelet activating factor are prevented and treated by administration to a subject of a therapeutically effective amount of a piperazine compound of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 to R.sup.4 are as defined in the specification.

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A disposable pressure transducer for measuring fluid pressure, which includes a sensor assembly in a housing. The housing includes a fluid chamber and a sensor-accommodating chamber which are formed integrally with each other. The sensor assembly comprises: a sensor chip for converting pressure into ...

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A transmission line driver circuit (10) includes a signal input (12). A first capacitor (28) stores a first voltage level corresponding to a first of two possible bit values of an input signal. A second capacitor (44) stores a second voltage level corresponding to a second of the possible bit values ...