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The purpose of the invention is to provide a light guide of a variety of forms having a uniform distribution of brightness in the plane and a planer light source device for a liquid crystal display device which uses such light guide. The light guide comprises a first surface which is a surface to wh ...

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The liminance within the viewing angle of an LCD device is increased by using an optical film of transparent material. The film has a first surface having a wave structure including a plurality of isosceles triangle prisms arranged side-by-side, and a second surface having an optically rough structu ...

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An anti-dazzle device for a rearview mirror of a motor vehicle, wherein a mirror face member is provided with an electric heater and a film layer containing a heat-sensitive color-changing material which becomes not transparent when it is heated by the heater, whereby the mirror face member can be e ...

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A probe apparatus which has a probe card having a plurality of probes, a wafer holder located above or beside the probe card, for holding a wafer to be examined, a tester head electrically connected to the probes of the probe card, a tester electrically connected to the tester head, for detecting el ...

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A probe card transfer mechanism, in which a chuck top is used as a main transfer mechanism, comprises a passing and receiving mechanism for passing or receiving a probe card to or from the chuck top. The passing and receiving mechanism has an adapter for detachably holding the probe card having, for ...

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A liquid crystal display device has a position information input device over an image-displaying surface of liquid crystal panel. The position information input device is formed by a first substrate and a second substrate more easily deformable than the first substrate. A transparent insulation film ...

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A light guide system has a light guide having a first end portion opposite a second end portion. The light guide provides a first surface and a second surface between the first and second end portions, and the second surface is inclined relative to the first surface. A light source is disposed along ...

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Text information analysis apparatus arranges a plurality of texts according to the content of each text. In the text information analysis apparatus, a category decision unit classifies text to one of a plurality of predetermined categories. A cluster generation unit clusters texts having similar con ...

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The invention is intended to reduce the weight of the entire unit, make it compact and prevent the emitted light from being in dark and bright stripes in a light guide unit for a back light of a liquid crystal display device. Further, this invention allows a prism sheet having a larger apex angle to ...

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An oriented polyester film is provided according to the present invention which contains, per 100 parts by weight of a polyester,