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The object is to make a color filter smoothly. It includes a step of causing a discharge in a gas atmosphere including oxygen at atmospheric pressure and treating a substrate (10) by means of the activated species; and a step of injecting ink of predetermined color in ink filling concavities (29) in ...

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A ceramic honeycomb body has a plurality of through holes defined by partition walls so as to be separated from each other, and fins are integrally formed with selected partition walls so as to extend into the through holes surrounded by such selected partition walls, whereby the cross-sectional are ...

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A heat resistant and thermal shock resistant ceramic honeycomb catalytic converter for purifying automotive exhaust gas and the like is constructed by arranging at least one ceramic honeycomb structural body, having a dimension of

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This invention discloses ceramic honeycomb structural bodies having high thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength in which partition walls forming numerous parallel channels of the honeycomb structural bodies and/or connecting portions of the partition walls are constructed so as to have fle ...



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A die for extruding honeycomb structural bodies includes a plurality of ceramic batch exhaust grooves and a plurality of ceramic batch supply apertures. Tubes are fitted in at least some of the ceramic batch supply apertures to improve or make constant the surface roughness and dimensions of inner s ...

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An improved synthetic resin insulator comprising a reinforced plastic rod and a holding metal fitting having a sleeve is disclosed. In the insulator, the reinforced plastic rod is firmly secured to the sleeve of the holding metal fitting by a divided die means including at least five pieces, wherein ...

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An insulator having an improved fatigue life is disclosed. The insulator comprises a fiber reinforced plastic rod and a holding metal fitting composed wholly or partly of a sleeve, which has a base portion and an inlet portion having a tapered thickness, and holds the rod in the sleeve under pressur ...

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A gas flow pass has a gas flow direction deflecting member arranged in the gas flow pass for deflecting a gas flow direction outward with respect to a center of the gas flow pass, and a foreign substance trapping member arranged at a downstream position of the gas flow direction deflecting member an ...