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A polyolefin composition and the same especially used for producing vehicle exterior members which is excellent in softness, impact resistance, moldability, appearance, restorable property and so forth. The composition comprises 20 to 70% by weight of a crystalline propylene polymer (a); 10 to 50% b ...

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A novel packing material suitable for high pressure liquid chromatography comprising the chemically bonded, crosslinked reaction product of porous inorganic particles, with an organic silane compound having epoxy groups on the surface of the particles, and then with polyvinyl alcohol, in which the h ...

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A rear wheel steering device in a four-wheel-steerable vehicle includes a rod member having opposite ends coupled to tie rods for turning rear wheels, an electric motor, and a screw mechanism for converting rotation of the electric motor to axial motion of the rod member. The stator and rotor of the ...

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A polypropylene-base resin composition comprising a polypropylene-base resin and carbon black in an amount of 0.01-0.6 wt. % based on the polypropylene-base resin and being suitable for use in the production of molded articles having excellent paintability.

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A graphite powder has surface closed-end structures in which the graphite c-plane layers of the graphite layer crystal lattices have closed-ends on the surface of the graphite powder by linking the ends of one or more pairs of the c-plane layers, leaving interstices which are open on the surface of ...

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A wide base type pneumatic tire for construction vehicle has a given sectional thickness distribution of crown portion, a tread pattern of lug arrangement and a crown radius of at least 75% of overall tire width, and is usable for dump truck, earth mover and the like.

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A tread reinforcing construction of a pneumatic radial tire for heavy-load vehicles is disclosed. The tread reinforcing construction comprises a combination of a rubberized belt superimposed about a rubberized carcass ply and at least one additional rubberized reinforcing layer interposed between th ...

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Disclosed herein is a polypropylene-base resin composition obtained by heating at a temperature of 170.degree. C.-280.degree. C. a mixture containing a crystalline ethylene-propylene block copolymer having a specific composition, an ethylene-propylene copolymer rubber having a specific composition a ...

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An improved belt construction for a radial or semi-radial tire comprising a reinforcing belt layer including helically formed filaments is disclosed. Between main belt layers is interposed an intermediate reinforcing layer composed of a reinforcing element formed of helically formed filaments each h ...

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The present invention relates to polypropylene resin compositions that exhibit an improved smell over prior art polypropylene resin compositions and comprises a polypropylene resin containing an inorganic filler, at least one phenolic antioxidant, at least one phosphorus antioxidant, and fine powder ...