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A code conversion table, in which a code of a voice with noise added thereto and a code of a voice without noise are associated with each other in terms of probability, is referred to in a code converter. Using the code converter, a code is obtained in a vector quantizer by vector-quantizing cepstru ...

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An apparatus and a method for processing a natural language arranged so as to improve the speech recognition rate. In an example search section, the degree of similarity between each of a plurality of examples of the actual use of the language stored in an example data base and each of a plurality o ...

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Phoneme recognition uses the silence-phoneme and phoneme-phoneme transition spectral information rather than the phoneme information itself. The transition detector features first and second differences in level for each frequency band.

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A pattern recognition apparatus for recognizing spoken words of a nonspecific speaker or of a specific speaker. A reference pattern composed of a sequence of feature vectors, each composed of n feature parameters, b.sub.i, is stored. The reference pattern represents a form of average of said words t ...

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A recognition system for recognizing a plurality of continuous hand-written characters, employing a first memory in which isolated characters are stored, and a second memory which stores information, including interstroke character information, for connecting isolated characters. According to variou ...

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A continuous speech recognition system determines the similarity between input patterns and reference patterns over time such that similarities between previously spoken speech patterns and reference patterns are determined while speech continues to be spoken. Degrees of dissimilarity at arbitrary r ...

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In a speech recognizing apparatus, a grammatical qualification of a proposed speech recognition result candidate is judged without using a grammatical rule. The speech recognizing apparatus for performing sentence/speech recognition is comprised of an analyzing unit for acoustically analyzing speech ...

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A translation apparatus and a translation method arranged to facilitate the operation of inputting a speech and to obtain a correct translation. When a speech in Japanese is input to a microphone by a user, it is recognized in a speech recognition section and one or more words constituting the speec ...

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A book database stores at least phonetic signal information including phoneme information and rhythm information as document data, a central system transmits phonetic signal information stored on the book database to a terminal and the terminal receives the phonetic signal information is then carrie ...

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Control reference pattern candidates corresponding to a verification reference patterns of a registered speaker are synthesized by connecting unit speech patterns of a plurality of speakers. A plurality of control reference patterns similar to the verification reference pattern are determined from a ...