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An automatic analyzer including a sampler for delivering given amounts of samples into reaction vessels arranged along a reaction line, a reagent tray for holding a plurality of reagents, a reagent delivery device for delivering given amounts of reagents into the reaction vessels, and a measuring de ...

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A reagent delivery device includes a plurality of delivery syringes, and a plurality of units each having rotary valves by which respective reagent tanks and delivery nozzles are selectively connected with each other and a driving means for driving the rotary valves simultaneously. Further, in the r ...

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An automatic continuous multinominal analyzer comprises suction tubes to be inserted into vessels containing a reagent, each suction tube having a pair of electrode lines. The contacts of each pair of electrode lines are located above the suction port of the suction tube. Hence, the contacts are iso ...

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A container for containing a liquid for use in a biochemical analysis includes a cylindrical inner side wall, a bottom wall connected to the inner side wall at its lower end and a cylindrical outer side wall surrounding concentrically the inner side wall and being separated from the inner side wall ...

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A cap and a cap opening and closing device of a liquid container for preventing a liquid evaporation is disclosed. The cap has a plurality of projections made of an elastic material on its bottom surface. The cap opening and closing device which is used in combination with the known cap or the cap m ...





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Provided is an automatic analysis apparatus which can obtain stable analysis results by stabilizing a constant-temperature bath and the temperature of a reaction liquid inside reaction containers. For this purpose, the automatic analysis apparatus (1) comprises: a storage tank (10) for storing a tem ...