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The present invention has been developed considering the above-described problems and aims to provide various structures and applications for illuminative light communication. According to the first aspect of the prevent invention, a broadcast system includes an LED light source 115 for lighting, a ...

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A simultaneous broadcasting system, a transmitter, and a receiver therefor use a first frequency bandwidth for a wide area broadcasting and a second frequency bandwidth for a local area broadcasting obtained by dividing a frequency bandwidth of one broadcasting channel. In the simultaneous broadcast ...

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Expandable thermoplastic polymer beads and method of producing same, wherein a core of a polymer of one or more vinyl monomers is substantially surrounded by a layer of a polyolefin comprising one or more vinyl monomers, with a foaming agent contained in at least the core.

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A propelling apparatus includes a plurality of propellant cylinders series-connected to each other to be propelled by receiving a pushing force from behind, joints for series-connecting the propellant cylinders, a propellant head connected to a forward-most end of the propellant cylinders to be pres ...

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A pneumatic tire has a specified running direction, and comprises a pair of sidewalls, a tread provided with at least one circumferential groove extending in parallel to an equatorial plane of the tire, a plurality of lug grooves intersecting this at least one circumferential groove, and land portio ...

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A structure for a running system, in a work vehicle, has right and left running wheels, hydraulic cylinders extensible and retractable in opposition to each other in response to axle-tilting displacement of the wheels as they rise and lower in turn in opposition to each other, a conduit connecting t ...

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In a process for preparing foamable synthetic resin granules by suspension polymerization, a fatty acid bisamide is added prior to or at an early stage of polymerization in the presence of an inorganic salt and a foaming agent is added at a later stage of polymerization or after completion thereof.

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A radial tire for passenger cars comprising a rubber filler interposed between a turn-up portion of a carcass ply wound around a bead ring from the inside toward the outside thereof and the carcass ply and having a dynamic modulus of elasticity of at least 300 kg/cm.sup.2 and comprising an additiona ...

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To provide a measuring apparatus of positions and postures of a machine for correcting positions and postures of an end effecter by means of an actuator, and an error correcting method for correcting errors thereof. At least three universal joint fixing members

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In a frequency hopped radio communication system wherein a control signal and a speech signal are transmitted together and the speech signal is transmitted via a predetermined set of frequency bands, method and apparatus are provided for converting the control signal into a corresponding RF control ...