Masamoto Kaneko: Method for incenaration disposal of waste. Paul A Guss, Paul A Guss Attorney At Law, February 12, 2004: US20040025763-A1

There is provided a method of incinerating a waste material to process incineration residues produced in a gasification furnace easily with existing equipment. A combustible gas generated when a waste material A is dry-distilled in a gasification furnace 1 is introduced into a combustion furnace 3 a ...

Masamoto Kaneko: Dry Distillation and Gasification Typed Incinerator. Kinsei Sangyo, April 5, 2012: US20120079970-A1

Provided is a dry distillation and gasification typed incinerator capable of saving time and fuels required for combustion aid. In a first phase when a waste material A stored in a dry distillation furnace 1 is ignited till a fire bed is formed, the dry distillation and gasification typed incinerato ...