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A flexible, non-porous tube characterized by the fact that the void spaces present in the luminal surface of a substrate tube of porous polytetrafluoroethylene are filled with a silicone or fluorosilicone rubber, that a continuous coating of said silicone or fluorosilicone rubber is not present on t ...

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A topsheet for a disposable wearing article that is formed with a plurality of fine openings each having an area of about 0.16-5 mm

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An apparatus for making a nonwoven fabric including, between spinning nozzles and a top surface of an air-permeable endless belt running in one direction, air blow means spaced apart from the nozzles, a duct directly connected to the air blow means and a hood directly connected to the duct so as to ...

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To prevent a burr, produced from the joint portion by welding between a liquid agent container and an injection unit, from interfering with a boring member inserted into a jig communication passage when the boring member is inserted into the jig communication passage to prevent the obstruction of th ...

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When a tape cassette is mounted, a tape drive apparatus judges whether the tape cassette is of a first mode (normal mode) or a second mode (multi-partition mode) based on one or both of management information that is read out from the magnetic tape and management information that is read out from a ...

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A sealing/pump-up device for tire that not only ensures the storability of sealing agent but also realizes rapid supply of sealing agent into a pneumatic tire. By insertion of insert part (60A) of jig (60) in jig insertion aperture (42) of sealing device (10), aluminum seal (30) is burst through by ...

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In a composite material having a construction that on the surface of a substrate is formed a primer layer having an appropriate function, and a photocatalyst layer is laminated on the primer layer, decreasing of the durability of the film due to the existence of the primer layer is prevented. Primer ...

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A disposable diaper includes antislip elements having a frictional force higher than those of end flaps and side flaps. These antislip elements are attached to portions of the end flap extending immediately outside transversely opposite ends of a waist elastic member on the side of these portions fa ...

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To reliably supply a predetermined amount of sealing agent into a pneumatic tire even if the device is inclined and after the predetermined amount of sealing agent is supplied, to automatically start feeding compressed air into the pneumatic tire. In pumping device 30, when compressed air is supplie ...

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An oil return structure for a vehicle drive apparatus includes a hydraulic control apparatus disposed below an oil supply target device to which oil for lubricating and cooling is supplied; and an oil pan that retains the oil that is supplied to the oil supply target device is provided below the hyd ...