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An acoustic echo canceller system having a filter with high suppression performance of acoustic echo, generated by using microphone array having a plurality of microphone elements, judging a band where only a speaker sound is present, based on phase difference among microphones, and carrying out ada ...

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A portable terminal device can extrapolate the position of a sound source in the thicknesswise direction regardless of the use style. A slide type portable terminal has an upper casing, a lower casing, and a coupling part that couples the casings in such a way that their positional relation is chang ...

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The sound acquisition apparatus broadcasts a sound “output notice request” through a communication network. In response to the request by the sound acquisition apparatus, the sound output apparatus gives notification of starting a sound output operation, the sound acquisition apparatus requests the ...

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Collecting the sound while rotating at least one or more microphone around a rotational axis, the filter processing is carried out in accordance with the positional information of the microphone at each point.

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There is a tendency of the intensity and the shape of a spectrum to be measured transitioning with the passage of measured time, depending on the volatility and the reactivity of a component. A mass spectrometric system includes: a mass spectrometric unit that measures a specimen and outputs a mass ...

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Monitoring accuracy degrades due to a noise where many sound sources exist other than those to be monitored. A sound monitoring system includes a microphone array having multiple microphones and a location-based abnormal sound monitoring section. The location-based abnormal sound monitoring section ...

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In a conventional dereverberation system, when there is a fluctuating reverberation component, it has been difficult to determine, with high accuracy, a linear dereverberation filter for removing a non-fluctuating reverberation component. An algorithm integrating a dereverberation system using a lin ...

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A plasma processing apparatus includes: a detector configured to detect a change in an intensity of light emission from plasma formed inside a processing chamber; and a unit configured to adjust conditions for forming the plasma or processing a wafer arranged inside the processing chamber using an o ...

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A plasma processing device performing etching processing to a sample disposed in a processing chamber disposed in a vacuum vessel by using plasma formed in the processing chamber includes a light detector, a component detector, and a determination unit. The light detector detects light intensity of ...