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A pattern exposure method including the steps of irradiating a mask or reticle having a desired original pattern written thereon with light with a desired directivity from an illuminating light source for exposure, and projecting a transmitted or reflected light from said mask to an object to be exp ...

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An electron beam inspection method and apparatus. The method includes controlling acceleration voltage of electron beam and electric field on a sample, beam current, beam diameter, image detection rate, image dimensions, precharge, discharge, or a combination of them, exposing an object to the elect ...

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The polymer solid-electrolyte composition according to the present invention comprises a polymer solid electrolyte selected from the group consisting of perfluorocarbon sulfonic acid, polysulfones, perfluorocarbonic acid, styrene-divinylbenzene sulfonic acid cation-exchange resins and styrene-butadi ...

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A manufacturing planning system has lead time estimating function, MRP executing function, work demand calculating function, problem analyzing function, capacity adjusting function, product completion data adjusting function, and alternative shop designating function for planning a production schedu ...

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Disclosed is a solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell which contains a catalyst impregnated layer in an ion exchange membrane which is electrically isolated but ion conductive. In place of the catalyst layer, catalyst particles existing in an anode and/or a cathode may be employed. The catalyst layer a ...

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Disclosed herein is a gas permeable electrode which comprises a gas permeable layer and a reaction layer, the reaction layer comprising hydrophobic portions and hydrophilic portions. Electrolyte penetrates into the reaction layer and does not penetrate into the gas permeable layer, and only the gas ...

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Disclosed herein is solid polymer electrolyte composition comprising solid polymer electrolyte and at least one metal catalyst selected from the group consisting of platinum, gold, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium contained in the said solid polymer electrolyte. The said composition may fur ...

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Power tools are taught that may include, for example, means for detecting impact sounds generated, e.g. by a hammer strikes an anvil or by oil pulse from an oil unit. The detecting means may include a receiver (

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An electronic beam type exposure or inspection or measurement apparatus and method including an electron optical system, an electron beam image detection optical system for detecting a secondary electron beam image generated from an inspected object by electron beams irradiated from the electron opt ...

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The present invention relates to a manufacturing system which accepts a custom order of product from a customer and custom manufactures a product without sacrificing manufacturing efficiency. The manufacturing system includes the featuring steps of inputting the required specification of a product, ...