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The present invention provides an endoscope having an opening of a channel tube retracted from a distal end face having an observation window of the insert therein toward a proximal end side. When a plurality of polyps are removed, a picked-up polyp is moved back from the distal end face of the inse ...

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An endoscope system in accordance with the present invention comprises a plurality of endoscope modules having different treatment instruments mounted therein, an endoscope to which the endoscope modules can be attached, and a coupling member fixed to the distal part of an insertion unit of the endo ...

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A hood for an endoscope which is detachably mounted near a distal end portion of the endoscope. The hood has a balloon adapted to be expanded into a substantially cylindrical configuration by injecting a fluid into the balloon, and to be contracted by discharging the fluid out of the balloon. A visu ...

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A vacuum cleaner rotates a propeller fan by its suction force. The propeller fan rotates a rotor of a d.c. electric energy generator so as to generate electrical energy, and a d.c. voltage corresponding to the suction force is obtained by the generation. The vacuum cleaner employs the d.c. voltage a ...

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There is provided a flexible guide tube which guides an endoscope or a therapeutic device into an abdominal cavity through the mouth and stomach to conduct an observation or a therapeutic treatment in the abdominal cavity. The guide tube includes an insertion section which has a distal end, a periph ...

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A treatment apparatus to treat a tissue in a body cavity is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a base disposed in the vicinity of a tip-end portion of an endoscope, and an in-tissue inserting portion including a base end supported by the base and a tip end insertable in the tissue in the body cavity ...

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A copier capable of binding copy papers at their center or their edge as desired. A bookbinding device is operatively connected to a paper outlet of the copier. To bind the papers at their center, a folding mechanism of the bookbinding device is activated first in order to form a crease along the ce ...

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A vehicle body reinforcement structure includes a first reinforcement material (

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A heat sink fan of the present invention includes a heat sink and an axial flow fan, and the axial flow fan includes a motor, an impeller and a housing. An outer wall surface of a cylindrical portion of the housing is formed with an arm which engages with the heat sink and fixes the housing and the ...

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A method of making a spark plug having a noble metal chip joined to an electrode main body of a ground electrode by interposing therebetween an intermediate member. The method comprises the steps of prior to joining the noble metal chip to the electrode main body, joining the intermediate member and ...