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A digital video and audio file system is provided for use in systems such as a center-to-end video communication system. In the file system, video information, such as a color television video signal, is digitized in such a manner that it is separated into a luminance (Y) signal and a carrier chromi ...

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A noise reducer wherein, depending upon the magnitude of a difference signal between an input television signal at the present time and a television signal recorded in a frame memory and with noise reduced, the mixing ratio between the present-time input signal and the television signal obtained fro ...

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A motion detecting circuit suitable for detecting object-movement on an interlaced TV signal includes at least three field memories, subtracters, absolute circuits and an adder circuit. The motion detector evaluates object-movement by accumulating frame difference signals between adjacent fields.

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A color television signal processing circuit receives an input signal of a composite color television signal in the form of superimposition of a chrominance carrier signal on a luminance signal, separates the chrominance carrier signal and the luminance signal, and doubles the number of scanning lin ...

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A scanning line interpolation circuit for interpolating scanning lines of an interlaced television signal to thereby obtain a television signal having the doubled number of scanning lines, in which, in order to improve the quality of the reproduced television picture, the interpolation circuit is co ...

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A television signal processing circuit which separates a television signal into a luminance signal and a chrominance signal or interpolates the scanning lines of the television signal by using a video memory such as a frame memory or a field memory. The circuit determines whether the television sign ...

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A movement detection circuit for detecting movement information of a luminance signal and movement information of a chrominance signal of a television signal comprises a first movement detection circuit for detecting the movement information of the luminance signal and a second movement detection ci ...

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A movement detector necessary for processing composite color television signals, which detects movement in image signals, wherein the detecting circuit is so constructed that no deficient motion is produced. A difference signal between the present frame and that preceding by two frames of the televi ...

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There is provided a detection circuit for TV receiver which includes a frame comb filter and a field comb filter and which generates a luminance signal or a chrominance signal by effecting addition or subtraction upon video signals of two frames adjoining each other included in the received TV signa ...

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A motion detector for a chrominance signal which is used with a TV receiver equipped with a video signal motion detector. This motion detector for a chrominance signal has a delay element for delaying the chrominance signal of a video signal by 1 frame period, a subtractor for subtracting the output ...