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An electronic apparatus (1) includes a power receiver (2) and an electronic apparatus main body (3). The power receiver (2) includes a power receiving coil (11) having a spiral coil, a rectifier (12) and a secondary battery (13). The electronic apparatus main body (3) includes an electronic device ( ...

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A cubic system boron nitride sintered body for a cutting tool, which is a cubic system boron nitride sintered body having a purity of at least 99 wt % obtained by a direct conversion method, wherein the average size of primary crystal grains constructing the sintered body is at most 3.0 .mu.m.

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In a nozzle plate production method and apparatus, a metallic sheet material is punched to form nozzle holes therein by using a press having punches. Each of the punches includes a tapered conical portion, a straight cylindrical portion, and a rounded interconnecting portion. The interconnecting por ...

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A first separator of a unit cell and a second separator of another unit cell and are disposed adjacent to each other in a stacked assembly. Crest surfaces of straight sections of first hollow ridges of the first separator are in contact with crest surfaces of second hollow ridges of the second separ ...

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A fuel gas passage, an oxygen-containing gas passage, and a coolant passage extend through a fuel cell stack. Each of the fuel gas passage and the oxygen-containing gas passage is formed by serially connecting passages between the first through third fuel cell modules. The fuel gas flows through the ...

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A fuel cell has a membrane electrode assembly and first and second metal sheet separators. The first metal sheet separator has a fuel gas passage defined on a surface thereof. The fuel gas passage has a plurality of embossed bodies projecting from the surface which faces the membrane electrode assem ...

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A single reflex type electronic camera includes an imaging lens unit and five reflecting units beyond an image formed by an objective, and a finder optical system wherein an image can be observed with a high finder magnification and at a position easy to observe similar to that found in a single ref ...

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A fuel cell system incorporated in a vehicle has a main electric motor, a drive power transmitting mechanism for engaging and disengaging a fuel gas pump, a coolant fluid pump, a supercharger, and a compressor, which serve as auxiliary equipment, and transmitting a drive power to the auxiliary equip ...

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An operating apparatus for electrically driven vehicle, for example a fork lift truck, of the type that has an electric motor connected to a DC source via a chopper circuit. The apparatus includes a relay for supplying DC power to said motor, a switching element for operating the relay and a transis ...

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A first separator has its surface which is designed to have a rectangular configuration. A fuel gas flow passage for making communication between a fuel gas inlet and a fuel gas outlet is provided on the surface. The fuel gas flow passage is designed to have a meandering configuration so that it ext ...