Marvin Landau, Samuel J Bellettiere, Samuel Hoch: Accelerator systems for the peroxide-catalyzed curing of unsaturated polyester resin compositions. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, November 20, 1979: US04175064 (17 worldwide citation)

Accelerator systems that comprise cobalt and potassium salts of organic acids are used to accelerate the curing of peroxide-catalyzed unsaturated polyester resin compositions.

Martin L Feldman, Marvin Landau: Drier systems and surface-coating compositions containing same. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, May 25, 1982: US04331575 (2 worldwide citation)

Drier systems for surface-coating compositions that contain oxidizable, organic, film-forming resinous vehicles and that air dry in 24 hours or less at temperatures not higher than 50.degree. F. and at relative humidities above 50% comprise metal salt solutions in an inert solvent that contain an ac ...