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In a color display device color elements (17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23) are built up with the aid of picture cells (2) from juxtaposed rows of picture cells which are driven by line electrodes (3). The resolving power in the horizontal sense is increased by building up the color elements from picture cell ...

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The present invention relates to a method of generating an image having a desired brightness, which image is generated by means of a device provided with at least one light source, at least one electro-optical light modulation panel and at least one light-control device. The light from the light sou ...

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A low-throughput illumination system is described, comprising a radiation source (1), a plurality of condensors (2, 14; 3, 15) for forming a plurality of beams (b.sub.1, b.sub.2) from the radiation supplied by the source and a first reflector (4, 5) for each beam, which reflectors direct the beam to ...

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The invention relates to an image projection device. This device comprises an illumination system having a lamp for supplying an illumination beam, at least one image display panel for modulating the illumination beam in accordance with an image to be projected to a signal beam, and a projection len ...

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A multi-standard display device having a liquid crystal display screen has so far only been realized by using all kinds of interpolation techniques. To make the number of rows and columns of the display screen independent of the incoming video signal and yet provide the possibility of displaying the ...

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In a color liquid crystal projection display in which three differently-colored illuminating beams (R,G,B) are incident from mutually different directions on an LC panel (20) having an array of display elements (40) with a microlens array (21) at the input side of the panel end of whose elements (42 ...

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A presentation system comprising an image projection screen and an overhead projector is described. The overhead projector comprises an illumination system, a support for supporting an image record carrier and a projection head for projecting the image present in the image record carrier on the imag ...

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Such a device comprises display elements (RC) arranged, for example, in matrix form in rows and columns with, each display element comprising a first (E1) and a second electrode (E2) and an intermediate, movable, third electrode (E3). The first electrode (E1) is used in common by the elements (RC) w ...

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The display arrangement is provided with display elements which comprise a first and a second electrode, between which each a displaceable third electrode is present, and with a control voltage source, for selectively situating the third electrode near the first or second electrode, depending upon a ...

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In a picture display device driven with an active matrix the voltage across the picture elements (12) is accurately adjusted by discharging or charging the associated capacitances, if necessary, first to beyond the transition range (17) in the transmission/voltage characteristic.